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1) The purpose of these guidelines is to assure the safeguard of our rights and to maintain civility on the forum. Remember to keep it clean and be respectful towards others.

2) Spam is classified as an off topic or useless post that does not contribute to the topic content. Spam is created for one or many of the following purposes: Post count increase, boredom, to be funny, an attack on a board or to bump a topic.

3) Unsolicited e-mail. Any member exploiting the service will be banned.

4) Adult pictures, clips, videos…etc are forbidden. Advertisement of adult sites or links to adult sites will be removed and appropriate action will be taken.

5) Constant advertisement of sites or forums is prohibited. Bumps of a topic advertising a site will be deleted as well. We reserve the right to edit any of your advertisements or any other posts.

6) Flaming is categorized as insulting or fighting verbally. Other forms of flaming include: Racism, crude jokes, insults, a “diss”, spam, arguing, and attacking a persons race, creed, or color.

7) Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit or offensive.

Violation of any of these guidelines will result in appropriate action post removed and action (warning, suspension, or ban) taken accordingly by the site administrator