The Mission Nature Trails Hike and Bike is a trail system that includes a 5-mile paved trail that runs from the Mission Hike and Bike Park to the World Birding Center. This paved trail winds it way through the brush and along a canal. It is a great trail for walkers, runners, and road cyclists who want to get out in a nice, secluded, nature area, and burn some calories without the fear of being run over by cars.

There is also a network of 6 miles of singletrack trails that are scattered throughout the surrounding park which was developed for mountain bikers and trail runners who want to test their dirt skills. The trails persist of — easy loops, twisty singletrack, long straights, and drops — for all levels of riders, from beginners to experts. Signs noting difficulty are posted on most sections of the trail heads.

If you are going to ride the singletrack be sure to: 1) wear a helmet 2) carry equipment or ride with someone who has equipment to repair a flat (trust me, you will get flats) and 3) carry a water bottle or hydration pack. You should slime your tires and use tire liners, which you can buy at your local bike shop or through the internet (see links), because there are tons of thorn bushes and cactus near you when you are on the trails.